Pasture Raised & Non-GMO Turkey & Duck

Pure Pasture Farms raises pasture raised, GMO free, Heritage Turkeys and Pekín Ducks raised on a small family farmstead in middle Tennessee

Our burbon red heritage turkeys & pekín ducks are raised on pasture (OUTDOORS), where they get to live acting like a turkey / duck foraging around for insects, plants and non-GMO grains. They breathe the fresh air, drink the fresh water, and live a life free of antibiotics, hormones, medications and any other funny business. They are ethically and respectfully raised and humanely harvested and will make a one of kind centerpiece on your family Holiday tables.

All our Burbon Red Heritage Turkeys are raised on pasture which sets them apart from a nutritional profile and quality perspective.
Our Heritage turkeys are different than your typical turkey from the supermarket. They have more dark meat, more flavor, and take longer to grow. They are not bland, but instead have a rich flavor more like their wild ancestors than like chicken.

Heritage Turkeys weighing 7-15 lbs., Ducks 4-6 lbs. available during holiday seasons. All our birds are quickly air chilled and frozen at harvest to lock in the freshness.

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Ordering Information

We are accepting orders for delivery December 20-22. We have a very limited number of 9-15 lb Turkeys and 4-6 lb Ducks ready for reservation. 

Thanks so much for you interest in Turkeys & Ducks raised on our family farmstead.

If you are interested in purchasing a turkey or duck click the link above or email address to and we'll email a deposit request so you can lock in the selection. Call (or text) Melissa at (615) 380-1082 with any quetions.

Thanks, Melissa


You can pickup your turkey at Nashville Farmers Market Saturday or Sunday December 21-22, or Richland Park Farmers Market Saturday December 21. Just let us know the date you would like to pickup and we'll have your Pasture Raised Turkey and Duck ready for you when you arrive.  

Thanks so much for all the interest and support!

$10/lb. for the Heritage Turkey

$9/lb. for the Duck