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Pure Pasture Farms

Pasture Raised Poultry

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Happier & Healthier Birds

  • Moving two times each day to fresh pasture fills their diets with a diverse variety of grass, legumes, wildflowers, and all the worms and bugs they can find.
  • Movable shelters provide all the room they need for lots of exercise with access to shade, fresh water and free choice non-GMO feed.
  • All our birds are packaged by our small-scale abattoir partner who we can trust to maintain the same level of ethical care throughout the entire harvest process.

Sustainably Caught Fresh & Wild Alaskan Seafood

Fresh Alaska Seafood Direct to Middle Tennessee

Pure Pastures' CSA Offers

2021 Chicken CSA Package

ON SALE! Save $48.50
$322.50/ea (50 LB of Whole Chickens - Flexible Pickup)
CSA Package Savings! 2021 Chicken CSA Package

Chicken Egg 2021 CSA Package

ON SALE! Save $35.00
$173.00/ea (26 Dozen Total Picked up in 1 Dozen Egg Containers)
CSA Package Savings! Chicken Egg 2021 CSA Package

About Pure Pastures' Eggs

Pasture raised hens move to fresh pasture oftenThey live a majority of their lives on pasture and not in a barn that only gives access to pasture. Movement to fresh pasture ensures that the benefits of the pastured poultry farming model come together into an egg that is documented to be more nutrient dense in important vitamins and fats when compared to non-pasture raised eggs.

Pasture Raised Egg Nutrition Highlights

Compared to non-pastured chicken and eggs, pasture raised chicken and eggs have the following nutritional differences:

- 286% more Omega 3 fatty acids

- 13% less saturated fats

- 73% more Vitamin A

- 200% more Vitamin E


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This is the first season and the folks at Green Door Gourmet are creating a fun and welcoming experience for the community alongside some awesome farmers, food artisans, crafters, food trucks & more each week – rain or shine.

May through November

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