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Pastured Turkey

Rotated Daily on Regenerative Pastures

✓ No Antibiotics or Drugs
✓ Fresh Pasture Daily
✓ Non-GMO Diet

Happier & Healthier Turkeys'

> Fresh daily pasture provides each bird with a diverse diet of grass, legumes, wildflowers, and all the worms and bugs they can find.

> Portable shelters provide spacious room for healthy exercise with plenty of access to shade, freshwater, and free choice non-GMO feed.

> We only offer Turkeys that we have raised here on our farmstead and partner with a local small-scale abattoir who we can trust to maintain the same level of ethical care throughout the entire harvest process.

Turkey that tastes like Turkey

Our Bourbon Red Heritage Turkeys & Double Breast Turkeys are raised on pasture (OUTDOORS), where they get to live acting like a turkey foraging around for insects, plants and non-GMO grains. They breathe the fresh air, drink the fresh water, and live a life free of antibiotics, hormones, medications and any other funny business. They are ethically and respectfully raised and humanely harvested and will make a one of kind centerpiece on your family Holiday tables.


All our Turkeys are raised on pasture which sets them apart from a nutritional profile and quality perspective.
Our Heritage turkeys are different than your typical turkey from the supermarket. They have more dark meat, more flavor, and take longer to grow. None of our Turkeys are bland, but instead have a rich flavor more like their wild ancestors than like chicken.

Heritage Turkeys weighing 6-15 lbs., Double Breast Turkeys 15-24 lbs. All our birds are quickly air chilled and frozen at harvest to lock in the freshness.

“Pasture Raised Turkey” is more than a label; it’s a commitment to a way of farming that puts taste, health, quality, and the life of the animal first.

Pasture raised turkeys are different because the birds continually move through green grass and sunshine. It’s more than “access.” Pastured turkeys are raised on a living environment for most of their life.

Deposit $30 today to hold your bird for Thanksgiving pickup or free local delivery.  If you want to reserve more than one bird just adjust your quantity to the number of birds desired.  We will contact you prior to harvest to get specifics on preferences for your bird selection.

This offer is available available for pickup at our farmers market locations, shipping (additional shipping cost), or free local home delivery the week before the holiday.