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Bones & Organs

This collection of bones, organs and fat is some of the most nutrient-dense and sought after proteins we offer.

Beef Marrow Bones

2.5-3.0 lb. per pkg

Beef Soup Bones

3.0-3.5 lb. per pkg

Chicken Fat

1 lb. Avg. Raw Chicken Fat (not rendered)

Chicken Feet

1lb to 2lb Packs Pasture Raised Chicken Feet

Chicken Hearts

18 oz. to 24 oz. Avg Pkg

Chicken Necks

2 lb. Avg. Pasture Raised Chicken Necks

Chicken Soup Bones

2 Chicken Backs with frames per Pack - ~2 lb. to 3 lb. Pack

Duck Feet (Pastured, non-GMO)

1 lb. to 2 lb. Pack Pasture-Raised Duck Feet

Goose Heart

10 to 12 oz. avg. pkg.

Goose Liver

12 to 16 oz. avg. pkg.

Grass Fed Lamb Liver

Avg. 1 lb. Packs (Sliced)

Grass-fed Beef Fat

2.0-2.5 lb. avg pkg

Grassfed Beef Tongue

24 oz. to 30 oz. Avg. Pkg.

Lamb Shank

1 lb avg. / pkg | 2 Shanks

Pork Bones

2.0 lb. avg. / pkg

Pork Kidney

8 - 10 oz. pkg

Pork Spleen

1 Spleen 6 oz. to 8 oz. avg.

Pork Tongue

8 oz. 10 oz. avg. / pkg

Turkey Livers

Avg. 1 lb. to 2 lb. packs

Turkey Necks

Pasture Raised Turkey Necks 2 lbs. Average

Turkey Soup Bones

Average 3 lb to 5 lb Pack Soup Bones with Meat

Turkey Tails

2.1-2.5 lb. Pack Avg.