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Holiday Pasture Raised Whole Turkey

Pasture Raised Turkey raised outdoors on chemical free pastures with a non-GMO feed supplement, and NEVER treated with antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or chemical of any kind.


At Pure Pastures we let Turkeys do what they were born to do, scratch and peck to forage for food.

Our birds are outside, once they are old enough to handle the elements, where they roam our pastures, foraging for bugs and grubs in the soil.

They are also offered a non-GMO supplement from a local farmer friend, which contains grains like corn, soy, barley, and wheat.

We raise the traditional white turkeys on pasture. They are raised outdoors after they are strong enough to brave the elements (usually around 3-4 weeks) and rotated as needed across fresh pasture inside electric netting, raised with a Non-GMO feed supplement, and NEVER treated with antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

As usual, we again have a limited number of holiday birds available, reserving now makes sure you don't miss out. We've really tried to make the process simple and easy this year. Here is how it works:

1. Reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey by purchasing your Holiday Turkey Centerpiece on a pre-order.

Choose between three size options and let us know how many turkeys you need this year to reserve your bird.

2. We will remind you in early November where you can add any additional products onto your turkey order and have them delivered with your bird 

When you receive the reminder email, you will have the opportunity to shop a selection of our most popular items and have those items combined for shipping, local home delivery of pickup at the farms or any of our farmers market locations. 

3. All birds arrive the week of November 14th - November 22nd, arriving in time for Thanksgiving. 

All turkeys (and any add-on items) will be delivered by November 22nd, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. This guarantees you have enough days to thaw your turkey before cooking. 

All our Pasture-Raised Turkey is raised without vaccines, antibiotics or chemicals. They live outside with fresh air and sunshine once they are old enough to handle the elements and they are naturally healthy from birth to harvest.