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Pastured-Raised Duck

Duck that is prepared correctly will taste like the best steak you've ever eaten. The ducks play a big part in the grazing program we use to build our soils and grasses. They make a huge contribution to the health of our pastures and they develop a great flavor in the process. All our ducks are raised by our family on our farm and roam our pastures eating bugs and grubs in the soil, and are also offered a non-GMO supplement. They never receive antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or steroids.

Duck Fat

Pasture Raised Duck Fat Unrendered

Duck Leg Quarter

14 oz. to 18 oz. Avg. Pack - 2 Pasture-Raised Skin-on Leg Quarters

Whole Duck 3-4 lbs.

Whole Pasture Raised Duck 3-4 lbs. each

About Our Duck

  • Moving every few days as needed to fresh pasture fills their diets with a diverse variety of grass, legumes, wildflowers, and all the worms and bugs they can find.
  • Movable shelters provide all the room they need for lots of exercise with access to shade, fresh water and free choice non-GMO feed.
  • Movable pools provide all the swimming, dipping, splashing and playing these ducks need to be happy.


Pure Pastures' Duck Is: