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Pure Pasture Chicken

Experience the wholesome taste of our Pure Pasture Chicken. Raised on diverse pastures, they enjoy exercise, shade, and non-GMO feed. Healthy and happy chicken for your table.

Boneless Chicken Breast

Avg. 6 oz. to 12 oz. Single Pastured Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast Tenders

20 oz. to 24 oz. Avg. Package Pasture Raised Chicken Breast Tenders

Gourmet Ground Chicken

16 oz. Pack - Naturally proportioned white & dark meats

Chicken Drumsticks

Avg. 16-20 oz. Packs (3-4 Drumsticks)

Chicken Thighs

20-28 oz. Pkg. (3 to 4 Thighs)

Half Chicken

Half Chicken 2-3 lbs.

Whole Chicken (4-5 lbs., non-GMO)

Average 4-5 Lbs. Whole Pastured Chicken

Whole Chicken (5-6 lbs., non-GMO)

Average 5-6 Lbs. Pastured Whole Chicken

Chicken Fat

1 lb. Avg. Raw Chicken Fat (not rendered)

Chicken Feet

1lb to 2lb Packs Pasture Raised Chicken Feet

Chicken Ground Taco Meat

16 oz. Pack - Chicken Sausage White & Dark Meats

Italian Chicken Sausage

16 oz. Pack - Naturally Proportioned White & Dark Meats

Chicken Cajun Sausage

16 oz. Pack - Chicken Sausage White & Dark Meats

Chicken Leg & Thigh Quarter

2 Leg / Thigh Qtrs. Avg. 20 oz. - 30 oz. Pack

About Pure Pasture Chicken

Moving two times each day to fresh pasture fills their diets with a diverse variety of grass, legumes, wildflowers, and all the worms and bugs they can find.  We follow regenerative agriculture practices realizing the key to great chicken is great pasture!

Movable shelters provide all the room they need for lots of exercise with access to shade, fresh water and free choice non-GMO feed.

Pure Pasture Chicken Is:

No Hormones or Steroids

Never Fed Drugs Or Antibiotics*



Supplemented with Non-GMO Grains

Sugar Free

No Animal By-Products

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