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5 lb Ground Chicken Bundle

5 lb Ground Chicken Bundle

5 LB Pasture-Raised Ground Chicken in 1 lb. packs (White & Dark Meats)

Unlike most ground chicken, our Gourmet Ground Chicken is made from the whole chicken providing a naturally proportioned blend of white and dark meats.

Both versatile and convenient, ground chicken has a fresh flavor profile that pairs well with most any seasoning or dish you can think of. Often used as a substitute for ground beef or pork, ground chicken can be used for meatballs, tacos, enchiladas, Greek chicken, chicken lettuce wraps and more! The options are limitless.

Our ground chicken comes in 1lb packages and, like everything we offer, ethically raised poultry that is raised on our family farmstead, non-GMO, and free of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones.