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10 PK Sausage / Sampler Bundle

10 PK Sausage / Sampler Bundle

40 | 4 oz portions

*Special Spring Chicken Sale Pricing Thru May 21st*


What's Inside?

2 (16 oz. pkgs.) Cajun Sausage

2 (16 oz. pkgs.) Italian Sausage

2 (16 oz. pkgs.) Asada (Mexican) Sausage

2 (16 oz. pkgs.) Hot Italian Sausage

2 (16 oz. pkgs.) Nashville Hot Sausage

Do you love our Tennessee pasture-raised chicken products? If so, you'll enjoy our 10 lb Chicken Sausage Bundle with a delicious variety of our all natural seasonings with no junk added!

If breakfast is your thing you'll have plenty of savory treats to fill your family's morning menu to power up for a productive day.

We've also included a number of sausage blends that are perfect for the grill. 

This variety packages of our top-selling sausage grounds are perfect for casseroles, or to make your own patties.

Pastured chicken is hard to find, but all of our chickens at Pure Pastures live and thrive on open pastures. When you consume our products, you can be assured you are not contributing to other corrupt “factory farms.”