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25 lb Chicken Drumstick Bundle

25 lb Chicken Drumstick Bundle

~100 Drumsticks - 4 Per Pk (~1 lb pks)

We eat a lot of drumsticks here at the farmstead because they are so good whether you want to fry them up or bake them. We add all kinds of different spice rubs and sauces and they always come out perfectly tender and having taken on the target flavors really well. Of course, they're perfectly delicious and juicy on their own, making them a hit at any gathering!

We raise all our chicken on our family farmstead with non-compromising protocols to make sure we're always delivering the highest quality meats, GMO-free and pasture-raised, and we never use any hormones, steroids or medications.

As always, you can feel good when you cook these chicken drumsticks for your family. They are delicious and match the quality you've come to know and love here at Pure Pastures.

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