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Bundle 5 Pre-Cut Chickens

Bundle 5 Pre-Cut Chickens

5 Pasture-Raised Pre-Cut Chickens individually packaged 4-5 lbs. each

Let us take care of cutting up the chicken.  Our whole chicken pre-cut comes with split breast, wings, thighs, back and drumsticks all cut up and ready to prepare.

All our pasture-raised poultry is raised without vaccines, antibiotics or chemicals.  They live outside with fresh air and sunshine and they are naturally healthy.  We feed our poultry locally grown non-GMO supplemental grains.  All our pasture-raised poultry are rotated in specially designed poultry shelters across our pastures every day.



Pasture-Raised Chicken, All Natural, Raised Outdoors, No GMO, No Drugs

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