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4 Pack Spatchcock Chicken Bundle

4 Pack Spatchcock Chicken Bundle

4 Pasture-Raised Spatchcock Cut Chickens- avg. 4 lbs. each in individual packs
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This is the easiest, fastest, and most consistent way to roast a chicken! No trussing required. In layman terms, spatchcocking means to remove the spine of a chicken and press down on the breast bone, so that the chicken lays completely flat during the cooking process. It sounds complicated, but it is actually incredibly easy and straight-forward.Spatchcocking significantly reduces roasting time. And I mean, significantly. To the point where you can realistically roast a chicken on a busy weeknight. Since spatchcocked poultry cooks faster (more surface area, more heat exposure), this allows you to roast at higher temperatures, which also helps yield perfectly golden, crispy skin.This product, like the rest of our products, is non-GMO and raised by our family on our Tennessee farmstead. There are no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or other additives in our meats.