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Deposit Smoked Turkey Holiday Reserve

Deposit Smoked Turkey Holiday Reserve

Reservation -- $10.24 per lb based on final weight. Whole Smoked Heat & Serve Turkey 15 lbs. - 18 lbs. Expected Average
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We have partnered with Nashville's Gifford's Bacon to prepare these beautiful Smoked Turkeys for Thanksgiving. They are fully cooked and ready to heat and serve. 

Our turkeys are raised outdoors after they are strong enough to survive the elements (usually around 4-5 weeks) and rotated as needed across fresh pasture inside electric netting with water, raised with a Non-GMO feed supplement, and NEVER treated with antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. 

Reservations are open for your family's Thanksgiving Holiday Turkey. You can select the Thanksgiving Turkey Reservation at any time and it is billed separate from your weekly orders since it is a deposit for future purchase. You can select the size you are interested in as you pre-order (small, medium, large, or extra large). This is for our guidance, you can change this later on if your plans change (bigger or smaller get together).

We will charge the $50 deposit now and apply the $50 to your final purchase price which will be calculated once your Turkey is packed and processed when we know the actual weight of your bird. Holiday Turkeys are expected to be available by November 12th and we will apply your normal pickup, delivery or shipping preference to your order and notify you with the final price (minus your deposit) a week or so before they are ready for you.

***Actual bird weights vary. We will not know exact quantities of different sizes until processing. Because of this, later requests may result in a different size bird than originally ordered, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. Bottom line, the earlier you reserve the closer we will hit your size target once available.

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