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Chicken Hot Italian Sausage

Chicken Hot Italian Sausage

16 oz. Pack - Chicken Sausage White & Dark Meats

Discover the deliciousness of our Italian Chicken Sausage. Made with pasture-raised chicken and sugar-free local seasonings, this versatile sausage adds flavor and heat to recipes. Handcrafted with no MSG, preservatives, nitrites, or sulfates. Perfect for breakfast, pizzas, pastas, stir-fries, and more!

Indulge in the endless culinary possibilities of our Italian Chicken Sausage. This versatile product is perfect for enhancing the flavors of various dishes, such as:

  1. Breakfast Patties: Start your day with flavorful and protein-packed sausage patties.
  2. Pizzas: Add a unique twist to your homemade pizzas with slices of Italian chicken sausage.
  3. Pastas: Toss this savory sausage with pasta, vegetables, and sauce for a satisfying meal.
  4. Stir-Fries: Create vibrant stir-fry dishes by incorporating our Italian chicken sausage with an array of colorful vegetables.
  5. Rice Dishes: Take your rice dishes to the next level by adding seasoned chicken sausage for a burst of flavor.
  6. Stuffed Peppers: Stuff bell peppers with a delicious mixture of Italian chicken sausage, rice, and cheese for a hearty meal.
  7. Sandwiches: Use this sausage as a filling for sandwiches, wraps, or subs for a delightful lunch option.
  8. Casseroles: Enhance the taste of your favorite casseroles by including our Italian chicken sausage in the mix.

Explore the versatility of our Italian Chicken Sausage and elevate your culinary creations with its bold and delightful flavors.

This sausage is made with our Pasture-Raised Chicken combined with Sugar Free local seasonings from Nashville's Galena Garlic Company. Flavorful with a nice amount of heat, this sugar free sausage is perfect for so many recipes in place of ground pork or beef.  You're gonna love it! All our sausages are hand made all naturally with No MSG, No Preservatives, No Nitrites, No Sulfates. 

Looking for a great non-GMO sausage for breakfast patties, pizzas, pastas, stir fry, over rice, stuffed peppers, and so much more? You've found the perfect solution.



Pasture-Raised Chicken (white & dark meats), paprika, cayenne, red pepper flakes, garlic, black pepper, parsley, fennel, sea salt