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Kodiak Weathervane Scallops

Kodiak Weathervane Scallops

Price is per package. Kodiak Weathervane scallops are Frozen at Sea. They come vacuum sealed in a 1.25 lb. bag. Referred to as “20/30’s” – approx. 30-40 scallops per bag.
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Alaska Weathervane Scallops are known as one of the finest scallops available. They are large in size with sweet, buttery, tender meat. They caramelize nicely without shrinking or drying out when cooked. We prefer to sauté scallops lightly seasoned, in a hot skillet with grapeseed oil.  These scallops are frozen at sea within hours of processing to ensure freshness. The meat of a scallop is cream colored but changes to white when cooked. Scallops are low in fat, yet high in protein, making them an excellent choice for a healthy pescatarian diet.