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Lamb Bacon Slab

Lamb Bacon Slab

13 oz. - 15 oz. Unsliced Slab 100% Grass Finished Lamb Bacon

This is a great alternative to pork bacon and will quickly become a favorite breakfast or anytime pork substitute for your family. We have partnered with Gifford's Bacon of Nashville to produce this hardwook smoked and fully cured bacon from Lamb raised on our Springfield, TN farm.  

All our lamb products are pasture-raised, meaning they consumed natural products free from steroids, hormones and vaccines. Our lamb is never fed grain and is a 100% grass finished offering from our family farm pastures.

Our lamb bacon comes as a unsliced slab so you can slice it to your thickness preferences. It contains no gluten, MSG, sugar, or nitrates. It comes frozen until you are ready to slice and sizzle to perfection.

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