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Lamb Neck

Lamb Neck


Are you looking for lamb roast or pulled lamb? Pure Pasture Farms has what you are looking for with the newly discovered, Lamb Neck Roast.  Slow cook the Lamb Neck in the crock pot for results that yield the equivalence of pulled pork; the meat will fall off the bone. Pulled lamb will go great with your favorite sauce.  Lamb Necks are perfect for this hearty, traditional sailor's stew recipe from The Domestic Man!  Each Lamb Neck will average 2 pounds.

Pure and naturally raised Totally Grass-Fed (never fed grain) Lamb from our farm in middle Tennessee! Our pasture raised lamb is produced without the use of any added hormones, steroids, medications or antibiotics on pastures that are maintained without any synthetic chemicals.


100% grass-fed, and it makes a difference!