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Lamb Oysters

Lamb Oysters

Single Oyster ~6oz
$21.90/lb. Avg. 8 oz.
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You might call them oysters, fries, testes, or treats, regardless there is no denying Pure Pasture Farms’ Lamb Oysters are for adventurous chefs. Lamb Oysters have been recognized as a delicacy from the Ancient Roman times to the Wild West Cowboy times.  Lamb Oysters have a texture similar to scallops. They are perfect fried, or may also be grilled.  Each package weighs approximately 6 ounces.

Pasture-raised lamb from the Pure Pasture Farms are raised humanely without antibiotics or hormones. Our young lambs are raised using humane and sustainable methods in a healthy, stress-free environment. They are grass finished meaning they never receive grain. The result of the careful husbandry and shepherding is lamb of superior tenderness and fresh, full flavor.