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1/2 Dozen Duck Eggs

1/2 Dozen Duck Eggs

Half Dozen, 6 Pekin Duck Eggs

Duck Eggs contain more protein, calories, Omega 3, vitamins & minerals than chicken eggs. They are prized for making homemade pasta. they are also larger & richer with more albumen making cakes & pastries fluffier.  From ducks raised free on our farmstead without feeding drugs, antibiotics or GMO grains.  Mobile shelters allow us to keep the girls on fresh pasture making the best eggs you've ever eaten.

We raise the Pekin breed of duck for both meat & eggs. Our ducks are raised on pasture which results in a much less fatty meat than those raised commercially. They are also supplemented with a locally sourced non-medicated, non-GMO feed. Since they are raised on pasture it does take longer for them to reach table weight, but the difference in taste is worth it.

Our Pekin breed ducks make a great tasting egg, the Ducks are a creamy white color, very chatty & are so much fun to watch. They have become one of our most favored farm animals.

Our eggs are available for pickup or local delivery only.