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Turkey Thighs

Turkey Thighs

40 oz. to 50 oz. Avg. Pack

Turkey thighs are the perfect protein for any meal all year long. It's delicious, flavorful, and easy to prepare. This classic cut is sure to be a pleaser, even for the pickiest eaters. Our turkey thighs are juicy and always raised GMO-free.

All our turkeys are pasture-raised on our farm in Springfield, TN, so you get meat that's as good for you as it can be. Our birds are never given hormones, steroids, vaccines or medications either so you're getting a product you can feel great serving to your family and friends.

Our two thigh package will be perfect for your family regardless of the season. It's a great solution for when cooking the whole bird isn't what you want to do.

Our birds always pack in the most flavor possible.