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Truck Patch Cheese (Local Creamery Original, Whole Milk)

Truck Patch Cheese (Local Creamery Original, Whole Milk)

8 oz. Whole Milk Cheese Block

Our partners at Country View Creamery have done it again! Introducing our new "Truck Patch Cheese" just in time for summertime get togethers.
This cheese is the newest in a line of original local cheeses made from milk from small local farmers and the flavor is a must experience delight.
Truck Patch Cheese starts as a mild cheddar, and we stir in bits of dried vegetables for a flavor that demands access to another bite. This new cheese was an instant hit here at the farm and it's one you've got to try.
Our family loves cheese and we love it to be raised by local farmers, with cows on non-GMO pastures and using only simple ingredients (no junk). That's why we chose to partner with Country View Creamery.
Country View developed this special cheese from scratch so it really is becoming a category of its own.



Pasteurized whole milk, salt, culture, enzymes, if added annatto