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Smoked Salmon Strips - Wild Alaskan

Smoked Salmon Strips - Wild Alaskan

Salmon Strips are sold in 8 oz packages.


Great to eat as is, in salmon dip, with scrambled eggs, or as part of an appetizer platter. A good substitute for traditional “Jerky” our smoked Yukon River Keta salmon – prepared by a traditional method of curing and smoking Keta salmon – is sustainably sourced and wild-caught by Athabascan Alaskan natives on the Yukon River.

Genetically “programmed” to store oil for the rigorous journey from the Bering Sea to their spawning grounds, Yukon River Keta salmon, or Silverbright salmon, have an Omega-3 content that is higher than that of any other seafood, leading to an incredibly succulent, buttery, and rich flavor that is not found in any other salmon.

These fish are traveling an incredible 2300 miles from the Bering Sea into northern Canada to spawn. They do this without eating once they enter freshwater- so they rely on stored body fat to make the journey. Consequently, this results in an amazing smoked product. Rich in flavor and full of heart healthy goodness!