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Animals raised without feeding genetically modified organisms such as GMO corn or soybeans.

1 Dozen Eggs Chicken

One Dozen Pasture-Raised Chicken Eggs

20 lb. Chicken Soup Bone Bundle

20 lb. Chicken Soup Bones (10 pkgs. ~2 lb. each)

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product of Chile. Crushed May 2020. (375 ml)

Best of Farm Pack - Winter

41 4oz portions | All Sugar Free!

Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product of Chile. Crush date May 2020. (375ml)

Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A beautiful medium intensity, balanced Picual with highly fruity aromas of green almond, fresh fig, tomato plant, banana peel, and nettle. (375 ml)


1.25 lb. bag. Referred to as “20/30’s” – approx. 30-40 scallops per bag.

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