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Never Fed Drugs Or Antibiotics*

* Our natural production practices eliminates the need for sub therapeutic (daily fed low level dose) medications that are commonly used in confinement production systems. However, in certain cases to prevent animals from death or suffering we do allow for limited use of therapeutic (spot treatment) medication. In such cases the prescribed withdrawal period is doubled before animals are ever harvested. We feel that this exception is only practical to ensure wise stewardship practices and ethical treatment of our livestock.

1 Dozen Eggs Chicken

One Dozen Pasture-Raised Chicken Eggs

1/2 Dozen Duck Eggs

Half Dozen, 6 Pekin Duck Eggs

Coho Salmon Portion

Coho Salmon - Portions (6-8 oz.)

Kodiak Weathervane Scallops

1.25 lb. bag. Referred to as “20/30’s” – approx. 30-40 scallops per bag.

Tanner Crab (Bairdi Crab)

Tanner Crab (legs and claws) – Sold in 2 lb. The crab is pre-cooked and frozen so it is ready to eat when thawed.

Turkey Soup Bones

3 lb to 5 lb Pack Soup Bones with Meat

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