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Wild Caught Alaska Seafood

Experience the wild flavors of Alaska with our sustainably sourced seafood. From Salmon Portions to Tanner Crab, taste the freshness of the pristine Alaskan waters.

At Pure Pasture Farms, we're committed to offering diverse, high-quality seafood from the pristine Alaskan waters. We're proud to collaborate with both Alaska Glacier Seafood Inc. and Keyport, ensuring a steady supply of the finest wild-caught seafood.

How it works:

Alaska Glacier Seafoods Connection: Our trusted partner, Jim Erickson and his family in Juneau, source fish from local Alaskan fishing families. This seafood is flash-frozen upon catch, preserving its freshness.

Keyport's Expertise: We've also teamed up with Keyport, a leader in sustainable crab fishing. They provide us with exceptional crab varieties, including their renowned Red King, Golden King, and Bairdi Snow Crabs, all sustainably harvested from Alaska's waters.

From Ocean to Table: Once the seafood is prepped and packaged, it's flown overnight by Alaska Airlines to Nashville International Airport. We're there to welcome each shipment, ensuring it's quickly transferred to our cold storage. From there, it's all about getting this fresh catch to your door.

Delight in the extraordinary taste and quality of our sustainably sourced seafood, now featuring an expanded selection with Keyport's premium crab products. Order now and bring the authentic flavors of Alaska right to your table! 🦀🌊🍽️