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Seafood sustainably harvested & wild caught

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03/14/2023 Alaska Harvest Update:

  • Kodiak Weathervane Scallops arrived last week. 
  • Bairdi Tanner Crab Legs arrives in early Mar 22nd.
  • Halibut portions arrive Mar 22nd.

We love to diversify our diets with seafood from wild Alaskan waters. That’s why we offer delicious wild-caught seafood direct from Alaska.

Alaska Glacier Seafood Inc. in Juneau, Alaska

How it works:

1) Our Alaska partner Jim Erickson & family at Alaska Glacier Seafoods source the fish from local family fishing companies. The seafood is flash frozen when caught to lock in freshness.

2) Once the seafood is portioned and packaged it is flown overnight by Alaska Airlines to their hub at Nashville International Airport.

3) We are there to greet the arrival and the seafood is transported to our cold storage here at the farm until it is packed and delivered to your door.