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Wild-Caught Alaskan Fish & Seafood

Copper River Sockeye Salmon

Each fillet is a minimum of 1-2 lbs. May contain pin bones.

Keta Salmon Portion

Yukon River Keta Salmon is sold in 6-8 oz. skin on, boneless, fillet portions.

Keta Salmon Side - Wild Alaskan

Whole Sides (approx. 1.75 lbs. each)

Kodiak Weathervane Scallops

1.25 lb. bag. Referred to as “20/30’s” – approx. 30-40 scallops per bag.

Pacific Cod - Wild Alaskan Cod

Approximate 1lb portions, skinless, boneless

Smoked Salmon Strips - Wild Alaskan

Salmon Strips are sold in 8 oz packages.

We love to diversify our diets with seafood from Virgin Bay. That’s why we offer delicious wild-caught seafood direct from Mike & Cathy in Alaska. Offerings vary by pickup location. Be sure to stop in and see Virgin Bay at their store adjacent to Pure Pasture Farms in farm shed #1 at Nashville Farmers Market.

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