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We believe that Regenerative Organic Farming is one of the most important things we can do to improve the health & diversity of all life on our planet.

Regenerative agriculture's positive impact on the surrounding environment is clear – the soil is rich, the plants are vibrant, the farming communities are healthy and vital. We want every farm to be a happy farm.

Our Mission

As coffee shop owners, we know good coffee and we invest our time in perfecting the details; we see ourselves as the custodians of the “last-mile” in the journey to deliver the cleanest, healthiest and tastiest food and beverages to you. This means we cultivate a personal and equitable relationship with Regenerative Farmers, a passionate dedication to best practices, an obsession with amplifying the beauty of each bean and an earnest excitement in celebrating the benefits of this process.

This is where we decided to make a difference: supporting the people who regeneratively grow the best coffee in the world and letting you know why you won't find a cleaner and more delicious cup. Help us repair the earth and empower farmers to create a better future for everyone. Your support will encourage more farms to make the switch to Regenerative Agriculture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Biodynamic Coffee shade grown?

Yes. Biodynamic Coffee plants are integrated into natural forest environments and are surrounded by many other types of trees and plants. Sometimes referred to as agroforestry, these trees not only provide shade but also celebrate the diversity of plant and animal life that is part of a natural, healthy & resilient ecosystem.

What’s the difference between Organic and Biodynamic?

Organic and Biodynamic agriculture are similar – each has the goal of eliminating the use of pesticides and other chemicals that industrial agriculture uses to grow our food. However, Biodynamic certification has broader and more stringent requirements. For example, unlike organic farming, which makes exemptions for the use of certain broad-spectrum natural pesticides such as rotenone, ryania and sabadilla (which kill pollinators), there are no exemptions for their use in Biodynamic farming. Biodynamic Farmers also set aside at least 10% of the total farm acreage for biodiversity – riparian zones, wetlands, grasslands, and forests – and Biodynamic certification now includes soil testing for carbon sequestration.

What is “Specialty” grade coffee?

To be classified as Specialty, a coffee must achieve a score of 80 or above by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) or by a licensed Q-grader who inspects the coffee for defects and assigns scores to each of the coffee’s attributes, such the acidity, body, flavor and aroma . Specialty coffee represents a small fraction of the world production and our Biodynamic Coffee qualifies as Excellent with scores typically ranging between 85 and 87.

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