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Many local farmer friends partners with us with in producing pasture-raised chicken and are integral in helping us develop and launch our 100% Grass Finished Beef program and our Pastured Pork programs.

Since our start in 2014 we raised our chicken exclusively from our family farm in northern middle Tennessee. In 2021, to keep the store stocked and help keep pace with demand, we needed to grow more Turkey, Duck and Eggs on our current farm so deciding how to best approach the challenge was not easy.  

We have been working with (and learning from) several farmer friends and their passion for not only raising food, but also for building vibrant, healthy soils is an inspiration. Having known many of these farmers for several years, we've benefited as a farm from their long history of working with true pasture-raised poultry and grass-fed beef. 

Our partnership, and access to these prime Middle Tennessee area family owned pastures, is allowing us to dramatically increase our long term capacity to provide regionally-produced pasture-raised chicken, beef, lamb, turkey and duck to our customers consistently and with greater cut variety and value-added options.

The new pastures fully deploy the same growing protocols and practices we have used on our home farm. We know our customers care greatly about how their food is raised, and who the farmer is that produces it with such care.   We know all the food we sell from start to your plate.  It's food you can trust.

Pure Pasture Farmers