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Our friends at Nature Tails are redefining standards in the pet industry and we are thrilled they are allowing Pure Pastures to join in blazing that trail.

Nature Tails is a local Robertson County Pet Food Source that was built on the idea that traceable, all natural, quality products should be the standard expectation of a pet company, not a novelty reserved for higher income brackets.  

When developing Nature Tails, Kevin and Darin knew the best way to ensure high quality ingredients was the simplest way - go right to the source. Nature Tails has partnered with Pure Pasture Farms and over a dozen small farms that they know and trust for their ingredients.

95% of main ingredients can be traced back to a farm.

85% of ingredients are sourced from Middle Tennessee and Kentucky Farms.

In addition to providing customers with the highest quality ingredients, the farm partnerships bridge the gap between consumers and the products they buy.  

Nature Tails has also collaborated with local artisans to develop all natural shampoos.

Nature Tails