CSA Membership Basics

  • Flat 10% discount off of our current retail pricing or $4.50 per lb of chicken - price locked for duration of CSA
  • Order as many chickens as you would like (minimum 3 per month)
  • Flexible duration (minimum 4 months)
  • EGG ADD-ON Option for 2-4 dozen eggs reserved at each pickup at a 15% discount

Save 15% on any other items purchased at the time of pickup (Lamb, Turkey, Duck and Additional Chicken)

The chickens come whole, or you can elect to have them Precut for $2.50 per chicken.

To signup pay $10 deposit per chicken now to lock in your spot, then pay the difference at each pickup for birds taken that day. Your initial invoice will also include the cost of the EGG ADD-ON if selected.

Example: Select the 4 Chickens Per Month CSA for 4 Months. That’s 16 chickens total @$10 per bird = $160 deposit now. Pickup 4 chickens on each of the next 4 months. At pickup, you’ll pay the difference between the total chicken weights multiplied by your discounted price and minus your @$10 per bird deposit.

Let's get you signed up.  Start by submitting the information below and let us know how many chickens per month and if you want to get the reserved eggs as well.  We’ll send you an invoice for your membership based on your selections. Once your deposit is received you’ll be all set to pickup your CSA at the next scheduled pickup date.

Interested in our CSA?