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Alaska Glacier Seafood Inc.

Alaska Glacier Seafood Inc.

We've partnered with Jim Erickson of Alaska Glacier Seafoods, Inc. to bring your wild caught, high quality, sustainable, Alaska seafood direct to Tennessee.

Alaska Glacier is owned and operated by the Erickson Family: Mike, Bonnie, Jim and Kristie. They started the company back in 1996, as somewhat of a hobby, selling a few pounds of side-stripe shrimp that we caught in our 14-foot aluminum skiff.

Shortly after, they purchased a few thousand pounds of halibut individual fishing quotas, which were sold to local restaurants and a road side stand on the weekends. In a fairly short time, the demand had the family buying small loads of halibut from other fishermen and the business took off!

In 2005, they opened their 10,000 square foot water front processing plant on the pristine waters of Auke Nu Cove, just outside of Juneau. Today the Erickson Family business processes over 10-million pounds of fish annually and employ nearly 150 people during the peak season.

The Erickson Family is committed to producing high-quality, sustainably managed, wild Alaska seafood products and we are really excited to have them as a Pure Pasture partner.

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Country View Creamery

Country View Creamery

Everybody Loves Great Cheese!

Our family loves cheese and we love it to be raised by local farmers, with cows on non-GMO pastures and using only simple ingredients (no junk).

That's why we choose to partner with Country View Creamery.  

Our farm sources non-GMO animal feed supplements from the Zimmerman family who operates a small family farm near Pure Pastures. The Zimmerman's also produce non-GMO Pasture-Raised Whole Milk products. 

When we learned that they have lots of their family produced milk turned into delicious cheese products by a local community supported creamery we had to add it to our family table. After enjoying it for some time we decided to offer it to our customers as well.

Country View Creamery sources their milk from local dairy farm families who care about the well-being of their cows! All their producer farms are small with less than 50 cows in the herds and all are run entirely by family members.

All forages grown on the farms are Non-GMO, and the cows enjoy access to plenty of pasture. We are strong believers in the health benefits of local whole milk products. All these cheeses are all produced with whole milk, just as the cow makes it.

The end result is locally made cheese fresh from local farms to your table.

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Galena Garlic Company

Galena Garlic Company

Since starting our farmstead we’ve made some really great friends and the Galena Garlic Company team are some of the dearest.  We have the privilege of having them as neighbor vendors at the Nashville Farmers Market and we use Galena Garlic Seasonings exclusively in our brined chicken and all our sausages.

GALENA GARLIC COMPANY is a family-owned business started in 2003 by Laszlo Marton, in Galena, Illinois with a store in a east Nashville.Our Gourmet Chef Blends, Rubs, Seasonings and Artisan Sea Salts are blended in small batches and hand packed in our signature, resealable Chef Pouches, guaranteeing freshness for at least 9 months. Simply sprinkle, cook and serve with any of our 300+ flavors to achieve “easy gourmet cooking” on the grill, or in your kitchen.

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Holistic Roasters

Holistic Roasters

From Holistic Roasters

We believe that Regenerative Organic Farming is one of the most important things we can do to improve the health & diversity of all life on our planet.

Regenerative agriculture's positive impact on the surrounding environment is clear – the soil is rich, the plants are vibrant, the farming communities are healthy and vital. We want every farm to be a happy farm.

Our Mission

As coffee shop owners, we know good coffee and we invest our time in perfecting the details; we see ourselves as the custodians of the “last-mile” in the journey to deliver the cleanest, healthiest and tastiest food and beverages to you. This means we cultivate a personal and equitable relationship with Regenerative Farmers, a passionate dedication to best practices, an obsession with amplifying the beauty of each bean and an earnest excitement in celebrating the benefits of this process.

This is where we decided to make a difference: supporting the people who regeneratively grow the best coffee in the world and letting you know why you won't find a cleaner and more delicious cup. Help us repair the earth and empower farmers to create a better future for everyone. Your support will encourage more farms to make the switch to Regenerative Agriculture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Biodynamic Coffee shade grown?

Yes. Biodynamic Coffee plants are integrated into natural forest environments and are surrounded by many other types of trees and plants. Sometimes referred to as agroforestry, these trees not only provide shade but also celebrate the diversity of plant and animal life that is part of a natural, healthy & resilient ecosystem.

What’s the difference between Organic and Biodynamic?

Organic and Biodynamic agriculture are similar – each has the goal of eliminating the use of pesticides and other chemicals that industrial agriculture uses to grow our food. However, Biodynamic certification has broader and more stringent requirements. For example, unlike organic farming, which makes exemptions for the use of certain broad-spectrum natural pesticides such as rotenone, ryania and sabadilla (which kill pollinators), there are no exemptions for their use in Biodynamic farming. Biodynamic Farmers also set aside at least 10% of the total farm acreage for biodiversity – riparian zones, wetlands, grasslands, and forests – and Biodynamic certification now includes soil testing for carbon sequestration.

What is “Specialty” grade coffee?

To be classified as Specialty, a coffee must achieve a score of 80 or above by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) or by a licensed Q-grader who inspects the coffee for defects and assigns scores to each of the coffee’s attributes, such the acidity, body, flavor and aroma . Specialty coffee represents a small fraction of the world production and our Biodynamic Coffee qualifies as Excellent with scores typically ranging between 85 and 87.

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Joe & Laverne Troyer

Joe & Laverne Troyer

Joe and Laverne Troyer share our vision to bring you food that raises your confidence in your food choices, and so he was the perfect partner to help bring a wholesome grass-fed butter to our customers.

Where is Pure Pasture Farms Butter Made?

The Troyer Family Farm, which is located in Rome City, Indiana, is our partner for Pure Pasture Farms Grass-fed Organic Butter. Joe and his wife Laverne are “not pushing for milk production, [they] are pushing for healthy milk”.

This mirrors our desire to produce food we are happy not just feeding your family, but also our own.

Both parties - our farm and Joe's - are proud to claim the same “healthy soil for healthy animals” belief so that you can be assured you have the best food possible.

We know our customers love the full transparency that Pure Pasture Farms is known for, and appreciate hearing how Joe takes care of and manages his cattle.

You can just "feel" how much he cares about the animals (and the process that goes into turning A2 milk into creamy 100% grassfed butter). How can you not be indeared to Joe, inspired by the sacrifices he and his family make and the lengths they go to produce an incredibly high quality, healthy product. 

How is Organic Grassfed Butter Made?

So how is all of the delicious golden goodness created? Let us break it down in 7 steps:

1.Milk the Cows

I know you are thinking (well, duh). But Joe and Laverne still use the old fashioned bucket milkers that have a gentler hands-on approach to the process compared to conventionally produced butter.


The milk is taken from the buckets and added to a cooled tank through strainers, and then immediately cooled to a brisk 35 degrees.

3.Cream or Skim?

Here the cream is separated from skim and dropped into the 35-gallon pasteurizer.

4.Why do today what you can do tomorrow? 

Just kidding, that may be the procrastinator’s motto but here we actually have to let the milk pasteurize before we can continue. At this point though the 30 gallons of cream is added to the churn and the stirring begins.

5.Keep an eye out

At this point, there is a bit of waiting and watching. Once it reaches the texture of whipped cream you know you are getting close. After about 5 minutes, you will see the beginnings of what will become spreadable butter.


The golden chunks are separated from the sea of buttermilk surrounding them by draining out the buttermilk and rinsing away the excess with cold water until only butter is left.

7.Yellow Gold Butter

This leaves us with 30 to 50 pounds of golden, melty goodness. Why is the leftover butter so much more yellow than conventional, store-bought butter? Simple-- it's grass-fed, nutrient-dense and chemical-free! You can literally see the difference!

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Pure Pasture Farmers

Pure Pasture Farmers

Many local farmer friends partners with us with in producing pasture-raised chicken and are integral in helping us develop and launch our 100% Grass Finished Beef program and our Pastured Pork programs.

Since our start in 2014 we raised our chicken exclusively from our family farm in northern middle Tennessee. In 2021, to keep the store stocked and help keep pace with demand, we needed to grow more Turkey, Duck and Eggs on our current farm so deciding how to best approach the challenge was not easy.  

We have been working with (and learning from) several farmer friends and their passion for not only raising food, but also for building vibrant, healthy soils is an inspiration. Having known many of these farmers for several years, we've benefited as a farm from their long history of working with true pasture-raised poultry and grass-fed beef. 

Our partnership, and access to these prime Middle Tennessee area family owned pastures, is allowing us to dramatically increase our long term capacity to provide regionally-produced pasture-raised chicken, beef, lamb, turkey and duck to our customers consistently and with greater cut variety and value-added options.

The new pastures fully deploy the same growing protocols and practices we have used on our home farm. We know our customers care greatly about how their food is raised, and who the farmer is that produces it with such care.   We know all the food we sell from start to your plate.  It's food you can trust.

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Pure Pasture Farms

Pure Pasture Farms

Hi, my name is Melissa Cole owner of Pure Pasture Farms. My husband Travis and I along with our son Justin own and operate a pasture-based livestock farm in middle Tennessee producing natural pasture-raised chicken, turkey & duck and grass-fed lamb, free-range eggs.

Read All About How We Raise The Food

Providing food while taking care of the plants and soil is not just a business to us, it's our ministry and a responsibility we each take very seriously.

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