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Alaska Glacier

Alaska Glacier

We've partnered with Jim Erickson of Alaska Glacier Seafoods, Inc. to bring your wild caught, high quality, sustainable, Alaska seafood direct to Tennessee.

Alaska Glacier is owned and operated by the Erickson Family: Mike, Bonnie, Jim and Kristie. They started the company back in 1996, as somewhat of a hobby, selling a few pounds of side-stripe shrimp that we caught in our 14-foot aluminum skiff.

Shortly after, they purchased a few thousand pounds of halibut individual fishing quotas, which were sold to local restaurants and a road side stand on the weekends. In a fairly short time, the demand had the family buying small loads of halibut from other fishermen and the business took off!

In 2005, they opened their 10,000 square foot water front processing plant on the pristine waters of Auke Nu Cove, just outside of Juneau. Today the Erickson Family business processes over 10-million pounds of fish annually and employ nearly 150 people during the peak season.

The Erickson Family is committed to producing high-quality, sustainably managed, wild Alaska seafood products and we are really excited to have them as a Pure Pasture partner.

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Country View Creamery

Country View Creamery

Everybody Loves Great Cheese!

Our family loves cheese and we love it to be raised by local farmers, with cows on non-GMO pastures and using only simple ingredients (no junk).

That's why we choose to partner with Country View Creamery.  

Our farm sources non-GMO animal feed supplements from the Zimmerman family who operates a small family farm near Pure Pastures. The Zimmerman's also produce non-GMO Pasture-Raised Whole Milk products. 

When we learned that they have lots of their family produced milk turned into delicious cheese products by a local community supported creamery we had to add it to our family table. After enjoying it for some time we decided to offer it to our customers as well.

Country View Creamery sources their milk from local dairy farm families who care about the well-being of their cows! All their producer farms are small with less than 50 cows in the herds and all are run entirely by family members.

All forages grown on the farms are Non-GMO, and the cows enjoy access to plenty of pasture. We are strong believers in the health benefits of local whole milk products. All these cheeses are all produced with whole milk, just as the cow makes it.

The end result is locally made cheese fresh from local farms to your table.

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Galena Garlic Company

Joe & Laverne Troyer

Joe & Laverne Troyer

Joe and Laverne Troyer share our vision to bring you food that raises your confidence in your food choices, and so he was the perfect partner to help bring a wholesome grass-fed butter to our customers.

Where is Pure Pasture Farms Butter Made?

The Troyer Family Farm, which is located in Rome City, Indiana, is our partner for Pure Pasture Farms Grass-fed Organic Butter. Joe and his wife Laverne are “not pushing for milk production, [they] are pushing for healthy milk”.

This mirrors our desire to produce food we are happy not just feeding your family, but also our own.

Both parties - our farm and Joe's - are proud to claim the same “healthy soil for healthy animals” belief so that you can be assured you have the best food possible.

We know our customers love the full transparency that Pure Pasture Farms is known for, and appreciate hearing how Joe takes care of and manages his cattle.

You can just "feel" how much he cares about the animals (and the process that goes into turning A2 milk into creamy 100% grassfed butter). How can you not be indeared to Joe, inspired by the sacrifices he and his family make and the lengths they go to produce an incredibly high quality, healthy product. 

How is Organic Grassfed Butter Made?

So how is all of the delicious golden goodness created? Let us break it down in 7 steps:

1.Milk the Cows

I know you are thinking (well, duh). But Joe and Laverne still use the old fashioned bucket milkers that have a gentler hands-on approach to the process compared to conventionally produced butter.


The milk is taken from the buckets and added to a cooled tank through strainers, and then immediately cooled to a brisk 35 degrees.

3.Cream or Skim?

Here the cream is separated from skim and dropped into the 35-gallon pasteurizer.

4.Why do today what you can do tomorrow? 

Just kidding, that may be the procrastinator’s motto but here we actually have to let the milk pasteurize before we can continue. At this point though the 30 gallons of cream is added to the churn and the stirring begins.

5.Keep an eye out

At this point, there is a bit of waiting and watching. Once it reaches the texture of whipped cream you know you are getting close. After about 5 minutes, you will see the beginnings of what will become spreadable butter.


The golden chunks are separated from the sea of buttermilk surrounding them by draining out the buttermilk and rinsing away the excess with cold water until only butter is left.

7.Yellow Gold Butter

This leaves us with 30 to 50 pounds of golden, melty goodness. Why is the leftover butter so much more yellow than conventional, store-bought butter? Simple-- it's grass-fed, nutrient-dense and chemical-free! You can literally see the difference!

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Keyport: Pioneers in Sustainable Seafood

We're thrilled to partner with Keyport, a leading name in sustainable seafood. With a heritage spanning five generations, Keyport has risen to become America's premier processor and supplier of wild-caught crab and frozen seafood. More than just a business, they're a family dedicated to quality from ocean to table.

Keyport's commitment to sustainable seafood begins in the icy Arctic waters of the Bering and Barents Seas. It's here they carefully harvest their exceptional Red King, Golden King, Snow, and Dungeness crab legs. Their pursuit of the Golden King Crab is particularly noteworthy, venturing into the depths of over 2,000 feet near the Aleutian Islands to bring us the best-tasting, sustainably sourced King Crab.

The heart of Keyport is in their innovative practices and long-standing relationships. Their dedication to sustainability shines through in every aspect, from their specially designed crab pots that protect marine life to educational blogs offering a glimpse into Alaska's crab fisheries.

We're proud to partner with Keyport, a company that aligns with our core values of sustainability and quality. Together, we bring to you the finest ocean bounty, responsibly and deliciously.

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Pure Pasture Farms

Pure Pasture Farms

Hi, my name is Melissa Cole owner of Pure Pasture Farms. My husband Travis and I along with Justin, Candace, Etan, Jeremiah and other chore helpers operate the pasture-based livestock operations producing natural pasture-raised chicken, turkey & duck and grass-fed beef & lamb, free-range eggs.

Read All About How We Raise The Food

Providing food while taking care of the plants and soil is not just a business to us, it's our ministry and a responsibility we each take very seriously.

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