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Sunday Roast Chicken with Citrus
Here's a bright chicken recipe from Teresa Blackburn and provided courtesy of Edible Nashville. Serve pieces of chicken with some of the pan juices & roasted citrus, a crusty baguette for soppin’ and a simple arugula salad.
Spatchcocked Chicken with Garlic, Parsley, and Orange
This recipe is provided by our friends at Edible Nashville ( excerpted from Mark Bittman's book, How to Grill Everything. Pure Pasture's offers the bird with the backbone already removed so when you thaw and unwrap the whole bird it will lie flat, instantly doubling the surface area—and the flavor and crisping potential.
Galena Garlic's Famous Wing Rub Wings
Hot and sweet, our quick and easy buffalo style wing seasoning is perfect on traditional wings.
Galena Garlic's Olive Oil Fried Chicken
Here is an easy to make recipe for fried chicken from All About Olive Oil that is oven fried in extra virgin olive oil. This one-pan recipe results in juicy chicken with flavorful, crispy skin. We used a whole chicken cut into pieces, but you can make this with all wings or drumsticks. Just make sure that you use pieces of chicken with the skin on. Choose any combination of 4 lbs total of bone in chicken listed above.
Pasture Raised Turkey
Cooking a Pasture-Raised Turkey Most store bought turkeys are injected with vegetable oil, water, salt, emulsifiers, sodium phosphate, and artificial flavorings. Pasture raised free range turkey, on the other hand, has not been basted or injected. You may want to consider preparing your turkey in a brine like most chefs. Brine is a saltwater and seasoning solution that allows moisture to penetrate the meat. Even a slightly overcooked turkey will be moist and juicy when prepared in brine. Brine also expedites cooking time, since water is a better conductor of heat than meat. Brine can be made from your favorite herbs and seasonings. Here is a basic recipe to get you started.