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Keyport: Pioneers in Sustainable Seafood

We're thrilled to partner with Keyport, a leading name in sustainable seafood. With a heritage spanning five generations, Keyport has risen to become America's premier processor and supplier of wild-caught crab and frozen seafood. More than just a business, they're a family dedicated to quality from ocean to table.

Keyport's commitment to sustainable seafood begins in the icy Arctic waters of the Bering and Barents Seas. It's here they carefully harvest their exceptional Red King, Golden King, Snow, and Dungeness crab legs. Their pursuit of the Golden King Crab is particularly noteworthy, venturing into the depths of over 2,000 feet near the Aleutian Islands to bring us the best-tasting, sustainably sourced King Crab.

The heart of Keyport is in their innovative practices and long-standing relationships. Their dedication to sustainability shines through in every aspect, from their specially designed crab pots that protect marine life to educational blogs offering a glimpse into Alaska's crab fisheries.

We're proud to partner with Keyport, a company that aligns with our core values of sustainability and quality. Together, we bring to you the finest ocean bounty, responsibly and deliciously.