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Virgin Bay Seafood Co.'s Nashville store is located right next to us at Nashville Farmers Market.  We have become friends and colleagues working side by side at the market.  We recognize the similarity between our all natural pasture-raised poultry, lamb and eggs with the all natural, wild caught, Alaskan seafood supplied by Virgin Bay.  We now have the ability to let you combine products from both our teams into your orders for free local home delivery, shipping or farmers market pickup. 

Mike Stoltz, a lifelong Alaskan fisherman, and Cathy Stoltz, who grew up in Tennessee, are the principals at Virgin Bay and together source all the seafood we provide for our customers.

The two met in 2009 when Mike, a widower with two teenagers met Cathy in Napa, California. Within a year, the newlyweds were living in Alaska and Cathy was adjusting to life with moose and temperatures half of what she’d grown up with.

When Mike began visiting Tennessee he saw an enormous need for the fresh and wild Alaska seafood Alaskans take for granted. Nothing farm-raised can ever mimic the nutritional value and flavor of wild Alaskan seafood, and with modern fishing and handling techniques, Virgin Bay Seafood can bring that quality to every home in the United States.

“We founded Virgin Bay Seafood because of our family’s love of wild Alaska Seafood, and our desire to provide the opportunity to share this bounty with the rest of the country.”

Our sustainably caught fish is either caught by Virgin Bay Seafood and custom processed, or from our connections in the fishing families of Alaska.

All of our fresh Alaska seafood is individually caught and processed with the highest attention to quality in mind.

Virgin Bay Seafood Co.