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Wholesale Opportunities

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11/28/2023: Update on Our Wholesale Program

Dear Friends and Partners,

At Pure Pasture Farms, we've always been guided by our mission to provide high-quality, ethically raised foods while nurturing our planet. After careful consideration and insights from the broader farming community, we've made a strategic decision regarding our wholesale program.

Several factors have influenced our decision to cease accepting new wholesale customers:

  1. Changing Market Dynamics: The wholesale market, especially for pastured chickens, has evolved considerably. As noted by experienced farmers, it's a challenging space with tight margins, making it difficult for new entrants and small-scale farmers to thrive.

  2. Focus on Direct Relationships: We've observed the value in building direct relationships with our customers. This approach aligns more closely with our commitment to transparency, quality, and community engagement.

  3. Lessons from the Farming Community: The experiences shared by fellow farmers, including the challenges and pitfalls of wholesale relationships, have been enlightening. We've learned the importance of diversifying our sales strategies and not relying heavily on a single channel.

  4. Sustaining Our Core Values: Scaling with wholesale can strain our ability to stay true to our core values of regenerative farming, environmental stewardship, and community contribution. Our priority remains producing the best farm-raised meats and eggs in a way that benefits both you and the Earth.

We deeply appreciate the support and understanding of our community as we make this transition. For those interested in our products, we invite you to explore our direct purchase options, where you can continue to enjoy our premium, sustainably raised meats and seafood.

Together, let's nurture our planet, one bite at a time.

Warm regards,

The Pure Pasture Farms Team