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You can tell that the products are farm fresh. I originally started using Pure Pasture farm to get the Salmon I was getting when the product was no longer available from another supplier. I started adding other products to fill out the cart. The cheeses are fantastic! The Hamburgers are the best frozen patties I have had. Farm fresh eggs have much more flavor then store bought.
Vernon B. Vernon B.
I have been ordering from Pure pasture farms for some time now. Their chicken is excellent! I am very appreciative to have found a company that provides excellent organic meat that hasn't been tainted by hormones, vaccines, or antibiotics. They are a rare find in my opinion. I have tried their butter and Cheeses as well, all very good. I am on their automated delivery system which makes it convenient for me. They are excellent at communicating when my delivery is coming up, in case I choose to make changes, and when it will get delivered. Pure pasture farms is an outstanding and excellent company. I'm so glad I did my research and found them!
Amanda H. Amanda H.
I was really eager to find a regenerative farm where I could purchase my meat from. Enter Pure Pasture! From the time of the order to them personally delivering my order to my house, I've been pleased. Not to mention quality and taste. I will definitely be purchasing more!
Collette S. Collette S.
I am SO PLEASED with the entire process. From the mission this amazing farm is fulfilling, to the delivery method. They add a personal touch in their customer service that really shows how wonderful this family and farm is. Thank you for an amazing experience as I transition away from eating from and supporting factory-raised animal meat to more ethically-raise, regenerative approaches. You are the real deal and are incredible and valuable work in this country and in the world. I'll be back!
Nicole T. Nicole T.
I have been ordering from Pure Pastures and picking up at the Richland Farmers Market for the last three years. All the animals are grown using a restorative farming methodology, so the taste is incredible. They offer chicken, beef, eggs and have partnerships with like-minded partners for seafood, butter and cheese, as well as other seasonal surprises like Crab. Melissa and her family make you feel like you are part of the family and always give personal attention to your order. Honestly, I can't eat store-bought chicken and eggs anymore as the store- bought food tastes so bland compared to Pure Pasture.
Trip W. Trip W.
Pure Pasture Farms has some great info on their website reg how their animals are raised so I won't do that here but it is why I purchase from them. Everything we've bought so far was absolutely delicious. Ordering and getting your food is easy peasy as well. The only issue I have is that I wish I had found them sooner!
Dani S. Dani S.

Your Delight, Our Promise: Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures a delightful journey from our farm to your table. Indulge in the ease of ordering, the assurance of safe delivery, and the exceptional taste of nutrient-packed, pasture-raised foods, all backed by the personal touch of our dedicated family farm team.


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