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Going...Going but not *yet* Gone

written by

Melissa Cole

posted on

April 25, 2021

Melissa here, finally getting a moment to put together a quick Farm newsletter with an important update on our inventory.

As you may know, pasture-raised chickens are produced on a limited growing season based on favorable climate conditions. Inventory management is a key focus for us and communicating with our farm partners and processors to make sure we continue to be a steady, reliable source for pasture-raised meats, truly free range eggs and other delicious foods.

I'm reaching out today with news of some products that we are reducing in price to help us clear out our freezers to prepare for our summer chicken harvest season, and offering closeout inventory pricing on while they remain. The current list of items that we are reducing is:

  • Chicken Soup Bone Packs (2 Back Packs) 
  • Chicken Drumsticks (4 Drumstick Pack)
  • Chicken Leg Quarters (2 Leg Quarter Pack) - CLOSEOUT

And here is a list of items that are slightly overstocked that we're also offering a nice discount on our current inventory of:

  • Chicken Breasts (2 Packs)
  • Ground Chicken (1 lb Chub)
  • Chicken Wings (1.7 lb Packs)

As you can see, these are some GREAT items which will go fast. Actually, since I pushed these live on our website earlier in the month, a significant portion of our inventory has already been reduced.

The reason we are reducing these items varies from product to product. Small farms like ours have limited cold storage capacity and when you combine that with the limited growing seasons for some products, we are constantly balancing the need to not run out of your favorites while keeping the best variety of product selections available year round where possible. 

Lastly, as we grow with you, we're also trying to streamline our processes more, reduce complexities and be smarter about how we can best utilize all of the cuts at processing. 

Again, once we work through our current inventory of these items these savings opportunities will be gone. So, if you see some items you enjoy, and want to enjoy a nice savings, you can stock up without any quantity limits here:

Shop Inventory Reduction Sale Items

Thank you for supporting local businesses and especially small local farmers. We appreciate you.

Take Care,

Melissa Cole (farm owner)


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