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All the Chicken News!!

written by

Melissa Cole

posted on

May 9, 2021

I'm back on this Mother's Day Sunday morning with another farm update and some excellent news to share about our popular pasture-raised chicken.

First though, a quick THANK YOU for all of the positive response to the Spring Inventory Reduction Sale. Thanks especially to all our newsletter followers helping us move over a thousands of pounds of food from our store to your kitchens! 

Today we are thrilled to announce the return of some really popular chicken options and introduce you to our new farm partner, Jeremiah Sauder and family, who are helping us with producing pasture-raised chicken this year.

Since our start in 2014 we've been raising chicken exclusively from our family farm in northern middle Tennessee. This year, to keep the store stocked and help keep pace with demand, we needed to grow more Turkey, Duck and Eggs on our current farm so deciding how to best approach the challenge was not easy. 

We have been working with (and learning from) Jeremiah and the passion he has for not only raising food, but also for building vibrant, healthy soils is an inspiration. Having known members of Jeremiah's family for several years, we've benefited as a farm from their long history of working with true pasture-raised chicken. 

Our partnership, and access to these prime Southern Kentucky pastures, is allowing us to dramatically increase our long term capacity to provide regionally-produced pasture-raised chicken to our customers consistently and with greater cut variety and value-added options (hint: boneless thighs, tenderloins & party style wings & more...soon!).

The majority of our chicken will still be produced on our original farm and all the practices we use will be consistent on both pastures. We know our customers care greatly about how their food is raised, and who the farmer is that produces it with such care. 

How We Move to Fresh Salad Bar of Pasture, Twice A Day!!

In this 2-minute video, you get a great view into how we move our chicken twice a day in shelters that protect them from would-be predators while allowing them to enjoy a fresh salad bar of insects and grasses with every move.

Without a doubt, our customers will continue consuming our delicious pasture-raised chicken offering with confidence.

Lamb Lovers, we have not forgotten about you and we are looking for additional pastures to expand our breeding flock resulting in greater access to our Grass Fed and Grass Finished Lamb. 

For now know that we have a great looking group this year be prepared for an early December harvest. Look for custom butcher pre-order options and more in coming newsletters.

You've stuck with me today so let me close with an example of how these adjustments will allow us to keep the shelves stocked and introduce some exciting new products over the coming weeks. Back this week, get your favorite Chicken Sausage Blends in the store starting today!

Check Out The New Arrivals!

Thank you again for all the support you provide for local small businesses and especially small local farmers and know we love growing food you can eat with confidence.

With gratitude,

Melissa Cole (farm owner)


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Pure Pasture Farms is a small family pasture based farm producing pastured eggs, pastured chicken, duck, turkey, and grass fed beef and lamb leveraging regenerative agriculture to product the most nutrient dense foods available. Pasture raised meats and eggs with delivery for Nashville and surrounding areas. Pure Pastures is Nashville's freshest source for eggs, laid, gathered, packaged and off to your home in 24 hours.

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