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The New Chicken is Here!!

written by

Melissa Cole

posted on

May 23, 2021

Hello again from Springfield!

In our last newsletter we introduced you to the Jeremiah Sauder & family, our new farm partners who we're working with to help us feed your family delicious chicken that is raised responsibly and regeneratively on pasture.

There's a lot to love about this new chicken, including a special 15% OFF introductory price on some new items starting today and lasting through the entire month of June. :)

New Boneless Chicken Thighs

In past newsletters, we have addressed the stark differences in quality between the chicken we've always offered at Pure Pasture Farms compared to the chicken with gimmicky, confusing labels consumers are left to dissect when shopping at the grocery store.

You've seen the claims:

Free-range...(Hmm...Not usually. In fact, this claim typically represents chickens that are raised in a huge, controlled-environment closed structure with a door for outdoor, "free-range" access.)

All-Natural...(Truthfully, this simply means the chicken wasn't artificially altered during processing... this has nothing to do with how the birds were raised.)

The validity of these claims cannot be tested or trusted unless you know the farmer who raises your food, period.

As you've come to expect and know, our chicken comes from birds that live and roam on pasture all day from the time they are two weeks old.

Of equal importance, they eat a diverse diet of seeds, non-GMO grains, insects, clover, fescue, orchard grass, Birdsfoot trefoil...and more.

To browse our entire offering, read any FAQs and learn more about this new chicken click here:


We sure hope you enjoy it, and as always, any questions are welcome.

With much gratitude,

Melissa Cole (farm owner)


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Pure Pasture Farms is a small family pasture based farm producing pastured eggs, pastured chicken, duck, turkey, and grass fed beef and lamb leveraging regenerative agriculture to product the most nutrient dense foods available. Pasture raised meats and eggs with delivery for Nashville and surrounding areas. Pure Pastures is Nashville's freshest source for eggs, laid, gathered, packaged and off to your home in 24 hours.

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