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Pure Pasture Turkey for Thanksgiving

written by

Melissa Cole

posted on

October 18, 2022

We have started harvesting the many groups of Pure Pasture Turkey for Thanksgiving this year, and, as of today, the smaller sized birds are in are reserved or in limited supply.

Pure Pasture Turkeys are non-GMO and Pasture Raised. These beautiful animals spent their lives outside foraging for grass, bugs and worms and were supplemented with high quality non-GMO feed direct from a farmer friend. 

We harvest over several weeks to help us provide the best balance of turkey weights for our customers and the smaller bird harvest dates come to an end this week. 

If you're looking for a smaller sized bird, or any sized Pure Pasture Turkey for Thanksgiving this year, RESERVE YOURS soon. You know how fast time moves and it's Thanksgiving week is less than 30 days!

If you've already placed your order for a Pure Pasture Turkey for Thanksgiving, thank you. Be on the lookout for an invitation to add any additional items you may want for Thanksgiving to your Turkey order.

Have a great Tuesday!

Melissa (and the Pure Pastures Team)

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