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The Surprising Benefits of Eating Cheese Curds

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December 3, 2022

Cheese Curds, for anyone who isn’t familiar with them, are moist pieces of curdled milk that taste salty and tangy. They can be eaten alone as a snack or used as a secondary ingredient to prepare other dishes.

The cheese curds are the by-product of the process for making our cheddar cheeses, and taste best when eaten fresh or super-fresh and at room temperatures.

We knew we were eating more and more of them here at the farm and knew our bodies were telling us 'this stuff is wonderful' so it wasn't surprising to learn later about the many health benefits of fresh cheese curds. We want to highlight 5 of those today as we focus on the healthy aspects of this great tasting, kid friendly, healthy food.

Here's what wonders cheese curds can do to your body:

#1 - A Protein Powerhouse

Cheese curds are a super dense source of protein along with being a nutrient dense little powerhouse. Many people think of cheese curds as a 'diet food' for these reasons. Most people may not realize that cheese curd is actually the nutrition powerhouse. 

Getting the high protein content is all about the milk used to make the curds. Our creamery uses only whole milk from local, small family farm cows that spend their days on pasture so our cheese curds derived from the cow’s milk are one rich source of protein!

#2 - Calcium to help Strengthen Bones and Teeth

Since they contain a very high source of calcium, these curds can take care of up to 8% of the recommended amount and that's a super dose of calcium to ensure strong bones and teeth. They contain a lower level of lactose (type of sugar) in them so their less harmful to teeth.

The also pack a load of vitamin-B to help out bodies distribute and absorb the calcium.

#3 - Helps keep the Heart Healthy

Our Cheese curds are packed with magnesium which is so good for our immune systems and overall health. They also assist by helping to balance the fluid of the body by providing a generous amount of potassium. They can actually help to regulate our blood sugar levels as long as they are a good quality curd with not too much sodium in the process.

#4 - Help with Digestion and Weight Maintenance

Good quality cheese curds contain a decent amount of phosphorus which aids in digestion and excretion with is also be very beneficial to those who struggle with digestive problems.

The magnesium and other minerals also play crucial role in the digestive system of our body. Good digestion combined with high protein and low calories can help when maintaining weight loss.

Now that you know the benefits of cheese curds, you would be looking for the best place to buy fresh cheese curds in Nashville. Pure Pastures sources our curds directly from our nearby farmer friends at Country View Creamery. We can't wait for you to experience the taste, texture, nutritional value, and of course, squeakiness of fresh and high quality whole milk cheese curds.

Check out our Cheddar Cheese Curds by clicking here.

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