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Understanding the True Value of Your Food: The Story Behind Our Pricing at Pure Pasture Farms

written by

Travis Cole

posted on

August 27, 2023

Understanding the True Value of Your Food: The Story Behind Our Pricing at Pure Pasture Farms

We know you might have questions about why our products have the pricing they do. Today, we’re excited to dive deep into the principles and practices that not only define our farm but also add an invaluable layer of worth to what you consume. The price you see isn't just about high-quality food—it reflects a series of conscious choices aimed at uplifting both the earth and its inhabitants.

1. Stepping Away from The Mainstream

The names "Big Ag" and "Big Food" may sound familiar; these are the giants that often dominate our food system. While their economies of scale can make food more accessible, it often comes at a hidden cost—quality and sustainability. The emphasis on quantity frequently results in detrimental practices like the excessive use of antibiotics, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Here at Pure Pasture Farms, we adopt an entirely different approach. For us, farming is a sacred, interconnected act. Through regenerative agriculture, we ensure that the soil is as healthy as the crops it produces, and that the animals are treated with the love and respect they deserve. What ends up on your plate is a testament to these beliefs.

2. Digging Deeper into Our Farming Practices

Antibiotic Overuse: A Growing Concern

The rampant use of antibiotics in conventional farming has led to a significant public health issue: antibiotic resistance. The overuse of these drugs in animals can eventually give rise to 'superbugs,' strains of bacteria that are resistant to multiple forms of antibiotics. When these strains infect humans, they are incredibly difficult to treat. At Pure Pasture Farms, our focus is on holistic animal health, negating the need for antibiotic use in the first place.

The Truth about Residues

Residues of antibiotics in meat and dairy are a concerning reality in many commercial products. These residues can have unknown long-term effects on human health. Our philosophy of using natural, holistic health practices for our animals completely eliminates this issue, providing you with clean, residue-free food.

The Fertilizer & Pesticide Story: Nature’s Way is the Best Way

Conventional agriculture often relies heavily on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only do these chemicals seep into the soil, harming earthworms and other helpful organisms, but they also end up in our water systems. Our approach is different. We leverage natural ways to enrich the soil and ward off pests, aligning with nature rather than against it.

Our Regenerative Promise: More than Just a Farm

We view ourselves as a part of a larger ecosystem and aim to rejuvenate the land we use. We continually seek ways to improve our farming methods to ensure that the environment is better off for future generations. In short, we're not just a farm; we're a movement aiming for lasting, positive change.

Future Focus: A Lasting Commitment to Harmony

We're not chasing after fads. We're deeply invested in a vision where the earth thrives, food is nurturing, and agricultural practices are in harmonious relationship with nature. We aim for nothing less than a perfect symbiosis between humans and the earth.

In a Nutshell: Join Us on This Journey

When you choose Pure Pasture Farms, you're not merely purchasing nutrient-dense foods; you’re investing in a vision of responsible, sustainable farming. With your support, we can pave the way for a greener, healthier future for our planet and everyone who calls it home.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Warm regards,

Travis (farm founder), and the Pure Pasture Farms Team 🌍

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