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What you should know about the farm

written by

Melissa Cole

posted on

June 1, 2019

Hello! Melissa here from Pure Pasture Farms.

Over the next few days, I'll be your personal "tour guide" of sorts.

I'll be taking you behind the scenes at the farm to teach you the ONE THING you should know about the farm!

During your tour, we'll explore our pastures to share exactly HOW we care for our soil, our animals...and your food.

These farm practices Pure Pastures has been committed to for over seven years are what makes our food uniquely different than the conventionally raised meats you'll find in the grocery store freezer.

They're what make our meats a healthier option for you and your family.


Did you know studies show that a depletion of iron, B-vitamins, creatine, and amino acids reduces physical work capacity such as endurance, aerobic performance, and work productivity. Pasture raised meat is an excellent source to replenish these necessary nutrients that keep us charged all day long.

Whatever your choice of pasture raised, nutrient dense meats are, we are working hard to produce the high quality foods that are sure to meet the need. We also offer direct from Alaska wild caught Fish & Seafoods, whole milk cheeses from a local creamery, 100% Grassfed Butter, and more from trusted partners.

I'm so honored to be able to take you through this tour over the next few days. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have by responding to any of the emails. 

Thank you for thinking about where your food comes from, the ecology, our farm and our dream.


Melissa (farm owner)

Pure Pasture Farms is a small family farmstead in Middle Tennessee that serves Nashville, surrounding areas, and now nationwide with door delivery and local pickup locations for true pasture-raised foods that can be eaten with confidence. 

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Pure Pasture Farms Springfield, TN 37172

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