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Cooking Pasture Raised Chicken

The approach you take to cooking pasture raised chicken is really important. We don't soak our chickens in a saline solution or inject them with water like commercial factory chickens you get in the grocery stores. This means you don't pay for the added, cross contaminated, liquids when you buy pastured chicken. It also means pastured chicken is less moist so special consideration needs to be given when preparing your bird. Here's some tips to cooking pasture raised chicken at your house.

Cooking a Pure Pasture Turkey

Here are some instructions for roasting a juicy and perfectly seasoned turkey. These originated from other farmers though none take credit for the method or recipes listed. These have simply been compiling and tweaked with advice and experience from others through the years.

Making Great Meats & Long Days!

Farm Newsletter Some days do you feel like it was the longest day ever? Yea, us to. That was the day today on Saturday, as I type this for you to read Sunday. Greetings from the past.

Ready for Your 4th of July Orders

A farm update as we are celebrating 4th of July with a farm update! Good Sunday to you, It's already the last big holiday cookout weekend of the year! With Memorial Day and Father's Day weekends already celebrated, we are excited about the BIGGEST of them all this weekend.....

The New Chicken is Here!!

Farm Newsletter May 23, 2021 - The New Chicken is Here In our last newsletter we introduced you to the Jeremiah Sauder & family, our new farm partners who we're working with to help us feed your family delicious chicken that is raised responsibly and regeneratively on pasture. There's a lot to love about this new chicken, including a special 15% OFF introductory price on some new items starting today and lasting through the entire month of June. :)

All the Chicken News!!

Farm Newsletter May 05, 2021 - All the Chicken News!! I'm back on this Mother's Day Sunday morning with another farm update and some excellent news to share about our popular pasture-raised chicken. First though, a quick THANK YOU for all of the positive response to the Spring Inventory Reduction Sale. Thanks especially to all our newsletter followers helping us move over a thousands of pounds of food from our store to your kitchens!

Going...Going but not *yet* Gone

Melissa here, finally getting a moment to put together a quick Farm newsletter with an important update on our inventory. As you may know, pasture-raised chickens are produced on a limited growing season based on favorable climate conditions. Inventory management is a key focus for us and communicating with our farm partners and processors to make sure we continue to be a steady, reliable source for pasture-raised meats, truly free range eggs and other delicious foods.

Putting on the Finishing Touches - Our New Store is Launching!!

We are beginning a process of vamping up the software infrastructure for the farm as we head toward more direct customer sales in the greater Nashville area. Our new software allows us to offer and "Order Ahead" option for all our Farmers Market pickup locations and launch our new Free Home Delivery for lots of the greater Nashville area and an order shipping option for customers in all states connecting to Tennessee. We are also able to sell based on the actual weight of the products being packed for delivery or shipping. This is a big step forward for Pure Pastures and we hope it's a great convenience and service for our customers.